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Steve Landes (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Harmonica)

A life-long, second-generation Beatles fan, Steve taught himself guitar at 10 listening to Beatles records and by 13 was fronting a Top 40 cover band in his native Philadelphia. At 17 he joined Beatlemania and further developed his musicianship, touring the world with the show. After 'passing the audition' with the existing RAIN band members in 1998, his career was set. On one of his travels to England, he found himself at Liverpool's Casbah Club, owned by pre-Ringo Beatles drummer Pete Best. Encouraged to get on stage, Steve belted out lead vocals to The Beatles rocker "Slow Down," while Best sat in on drums.

As a backup musician, Steve has performed alongside legendary sixties artists Peter Noone (Herman’s Hermits), Joey Molland (Badfinger), Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, and Tiny Tim. As an actor, he appeared in the films "Wedding Bell Blues," "For Which He Stands" and Tim Burton’s "Mars Attacks!" Steve writes and records his own original music.

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Paul Curatolo (Vocals, Bass, Piano, Guitar)

The Beatles became Paul's biggest influence as a child growing up with RAIN. At ten years old, his musical journey began when he taught himself the drums. He quickly adapted to guitar & piano which drove him to write and record his own music. When he was 14, as a member of the pop band "Wayward", he went on to record five albums. Until recently the band has toured the U.S. and was voted home town heroes in A.P. magazine. (Alternative Press). Paul's love for the Beatles has driven him to master the character of Paul McCartney down to every detail. From vocal inflections to turning the bass over to perform left-handed. Paul considers it an honor to pay tribute to his idol.

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Alastar McNeil (Vocals, Lead Guitar)

Alastar is the newest member to Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles.  Born and raised on the island of Oahu, State of Hawaii, Alastar McNeil grew up surrounded by musicians who played ukulele and guitar. These instruments would play a pivotal role in his life as he became an ukulele luthier- for a time supervising a local factory- and eventually changed careers to fulfill the dream of being a full time musician. Alastar and his wife Miwa (herself a kiho'alu or Hawaiian slack key guitarist) have played with the iconic band Kupaina for years even as he earned a solid reputation for his instrumentation and adaptability playing with Honolulu bands doing everything from Irish to reggae, funk to classic rock and even a local Beatles tribute. "Playing with RAIN has challenged and improved my ability to express myself not just as a musician but as an actor and entertainer as well. Nothing is more thrilling!"

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Aaron Chiazza (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)

Aaron Chiazza began playing music at the young age of 5 when his parents gifted him a drumset.  This drumset did not last long under the strength of a kindergartner and eventually he moved into a full size instrument by early elementary school.  Early yet important musical influences stemmed from a blend of past era funk, soul, jazz, rock, and others.  From there he went on to study music in an academic setting through highschool and college participating in Jazz, Symphonic, and percussion ensembles.  Amongst tossing up time between original projects, writing and shows, Aaron also loves being an audio engineer and artist. 

You can follow his work and ventures with RAIN on his website -

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Joey Curatolo (Vocals, Bass, Piano, Guitar)

Joey grew up in a Brooklyn household where classical music and opera formed the soundtrack. A natural musician, he was infatuated with The Beatles, taught himself guitar at age 10 and played piano by ear at 16. After winning multiple McCartney sound-alike contests, Joey toured with the Broadway production of Beatlemania. He joined RAIN shortly after, and helped transform the band into the multi-media production it is today. In addition, he is an active singer/songwriter and studio musician. His original Christmas song “Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas” is featured on Broadway’s Carols for A Cure Volume 12 (to benefit BC/EFA) as well as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation “Hope for the Holidays” charity album.  When Universal Pictures needed a McCartney sound, they contacted Joey to record the song “Love Take Me Down” for the motion picture comedy “Role Models.”  For Joey, performing on Broadway is a dream come true.

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Joe Bithorn (Vocals, Lead Guitar)

Joe Bithorn grew up in Manhattan and Long Island where he was exposed to a variety of music including jazz, Latin, classical and more. By age 3, his musical father taught the children how to sing harmony.  He was profoundly influenced by the experiences he had at Carnegie Hall through his Mom who worked with the Festival Casals. Thanks to The Beatles appearance on Ed Sullivan, Joe took a strong interest in the guitar. Early influences include the band Cream and Joe developed the ability to learn guitar parts by ear by age 14. By age 16, Joe was so proficient that he was recruited for studio sessions.  While in high school, Joe and his brother formed The Bithorn Brothers Band, performing the early music of the Allman Brothers Band. Joe heard about an audition for Beatlemania, and was hired for the touring production as George. After touring with the show in North America, Joe joined RAIN in 1983 and has been touring the world ever since.

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Ralph Castelli (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)

Ralph Castelli, was born and raised in southern California, surrounded by a musically talented family, and by age six became passionate about playing drums. On that momentous night in February, 1964 when The Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, Ralph was hypnotized and knew playing drums was what he was born to do. Captivated by Ringo Starr and The Beatles that night, Ralph’s excitement continued to grow and his dream would eventually become his reality. After touring and performing with numerous bands and pursuing his acting career, Ralph landed the role of Ringo Starr in the touring production of Beatlemania and was also cast as Ringo in ”Beatlemania: The Movie.”  His talent, drum techniques, humor, style and appearance was in his favor.   Ralph joined RAIN in 1986 and is thrilled to be on Broadway. Ralph Castelli is endorsed by Ludwig Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, ProMark Sticks, Evans Drumheads, Evans Accessories, DW Hardware, Bass Pedals and stands and Vic Firth Drumsticks.

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Mark Beyer (Keyboards, Percussion)

Mark Beyer began piano lessons at age 8, and at 12 was given special acceptance into a local University music school where he was privately trained in piano and music theory. At 14, he began experimenting with electronic keyboards and synthesizers from the 1970s, and played professionally in a progressive rock band. As keyboard technology advanced, Mark became known for his uncanny reproductions of elaborate sound textures, exotic instruments, and simulations of  full orchestras. Mark is the primary programmer and sound designer for the keyboards currently used in RAIN's production.

You can learn more about Mark at his website:

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Chris Smallwood (Keyboard, Percussion)

Chris fell in love with music as a young kid, but didn’t fall onto a piano bench until high school, when he broke his leg. Just two years later, he was invited to Kentucky’s prestigious Governor’s School for the Arts program. In 2008, Chris received a bachelor of music from Belmont University, and in 2010 earned his master of music from the University of Louisville. Chris has toured internationally with Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles for five years, and loves sharing his passion for The Beatles’ music with fans all over the world. Chris currently serves as adjunct music faculty at Belmont University, and owns Mockingbird Musicians - a Nashville contracting service for live music and entertainment.  Chris was just appointed Music Director/Performer for the “Eat Your Science” tour, Chef Alton Brown’s live show, which will tour for two months in 2016. Chris recently released his first piano pop record, “Out in the Open,” which is available on iTunes.

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Mark Lewis (Founder, Manager, Original Keyboardist)

As the managerial and creative mind that transformed Rain from a 1970s southern California bar band doing Beatles covers into an ultra-professional group, Mark Lewis recruited the excellent musicians who would gel into Rain’s long-standing line-up.  He traces his love of the Fab Four to the Sunday night of February 9, 1964 when his generation was smitten by The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. Originally called Reign, the band gained national fame, changed its name to Rainand cut the soundtrack to the made-for-TV movie Birth of the Beatles (thanks to Dick Clark). An accomplished pianist at 13, having studied since age 5, he began his career playing the Farfisa organ in teenage rock bands around his native Los Angeles.  It was Mark, the original keyboard player with Rain, who worked out all of the musical parts and sounds that enabled Rain to bring many songs that The Beatles themselves never performed live, to life.